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How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime to Global ROM with MiFlash – This time we will share a tutorial on how to flash Xiaomi Mi Max or Prime to global ROM for those of you who are still using fake ROMs.

How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime to Global ROM with the Latest MiFlash
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1. What are ROMs?
2. How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime
2.1. Ingredients :
2.2. Steps:
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What are ROMs?
ROM stands for Read Only Memory, is the term for data storage media on computers, tablets and smartphones. On Xiaomi phones, the type of ROM used is MIUI ROM.

Talking about ROM, MIUI ROM itself is a ROM developed by Xiaomi developers, which is made specifically from pure Android ROM (Custom), AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

This ROM is made in such a way as to make it look more stunning, add new features, and improve its performance according to consumer wishes.

Especially for this MIUI ROM, there are many versions. MIUI ROMs of this type are Stable ROM and Developer ROM, each of which has two versions, namely Global and China.

Besides the 2 types of ROM above, there is also a Distributor ROM. This ROM is not an official ROM from Xiaomi, because the Distributor ROM is a fake ROM that has been modified to resemble the Global Stable ROM.

Usually ROM Distributors also insert malware and viruses and annoying advertisements often appear. That’s why this ROM is called Abal-Abal ROM by Mi Fans.

Well, for those of you who get this fake ROM, don’t worry, because you can change it to global ROM by flashing ROM. For this reason, we provide a tutorial on how to flash ROM for Mi Max/Prime. Check out the full review below.

How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime
How to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime
Ingredients :
Download Mi Flash.
Windows PCs/Laptops 64 Bit. (for 32Bit, usually get Error Not Enough Storage to Process this Command).
USB cable
Disable Driver Signature Enforcement (see how here).
Download Fast Boot ROM. (Select according to device). ROM usually has the .tgz extension, not .zip, if it has the .tar extension, please change tar to tgz.
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Turn off the cellphone, then press and hold the Volume Up + Power button until it enters download mode.
Install MiFlash.
Connect phone to PC using USB Cable.
Open the device manager, how to open Windows Explorer > then right click on the My Computer/This PC section > select Manage.
Please click Device Manager.
Check the Port & Com Section.
If the phone is detected as QHUSB_BULK you have to install Qualcomm Driver first.
If Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM) appears, it means that the device is ready for the flashing stage.
Run the MI Flash Application.
In the miflash application, click browse > navigate to the folder extracted from the Fastboot ROM earlier.
Select the Fastboot ROM folder. If Error, try again press Browse> and select the Images folder.
Then check Clean All / Flash All at the bottom of MI Flash.
Click Refresh on Mi Flash. Then a COM message will appear in the Devices section.
Then click Flash.
Wait for the process to finish.
If The Operation Completed Successfully or Flash Done appears, it means that the flashing process is complete.
Please unplug the USB cable and turn on the phone. (usually a bit long, maybe around 5 to 20 minutes).
So, that’s a tutorial on how to Flash Xiaomi Mi Max/Prime to Global ROM with MiFlash. Good luck, and good luck.

By Cory