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How to Flash Indonesian Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime? – Want to Flash Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime? Do you want the Redmi 4 Prime to have Indonesian? Do you want Google Apps, like Playstore, etc. without the hassle? Here Mimin shares How to Flash Global ROM Using MiFlash 🙂

How to Flash Indonesian Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime Complete
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1. What is Global ROM?
2. How to Flash Indonesian Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime
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What are Global ROMs?
Global ROM is a Xiaomi ROM intended for users outside of China.

What are the advantages of Global ROMs?

There is already Indonesian
There is already a play store
What are the Disadvantages of Global ROMs?

If you want to change the font, you have to register on the MIUI theme designer first
If you want to use an external theme, you have to register on the MIUI theme designer first
How? For those of you who are not comfortable using English on Redmi 4 Prime, what are you waiting for, Flash your Redmi 4 Prime to Global ROM right now 🙂

What are the possibilities that will happen if Flash ROM?

Failed / Error
It could be Total Death, Error, etc.
So please follow the tutorial properly. Don’t use Windows 32 Bit. Due to frequent errors.
There are those who succeed, but it’s only people who are lucky.
How to Flash Indonesian Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime
Condition :

For TWRP users, please follow the Redmi 4 Prime Global ROM Flash Tutorial with TWRP
Download MiFlash Tool – Beta Here. Then Install
Download MI Pc Suite Here. Then installed
Download the Fastboot ROM here here
Please Select File as drawn
Make sure the downloaded ROM has the extension “.tar” or “.tgz”. Not “.zip”.
Original data cable.
PC with windows 64 bit.
Data backup first.
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Enter Download Mode on Xiaomi HP to Reset or Flash ROM
Flash ROM Flash Indonesian language Redmi 4 Prime:

Enter Download Mode,
Download mode is different from Fastboot
The trick > Turn off the cellphone > in an off state Press and hold volume Up + Power.
Then press “Download”
If Failed to enter download mode, try the method below
Redmi 4 Prime (Markw)
Enter Fastboot Mode > connect the PC to the HP using a USB cable.
Open Minimal ADB, then type the command >
Fastboot Devices
Press Enter . Make sure a combination of numbers and letters appears.
Then type “Fastboot Reboot” Don’t press Enter
Press and hold Volume UP + Volume Down simultaneously.
Then press enter on ADB earlier. ?
Or, Complete How to enter Download Mode
Open the Device Manager by the way
Right click My Computer > Properties

Then press “Device manager”
Connect HP to PC using USB Cable
If our cellphone is detected “Qualcomm 9008” Skip this step,
Our cellphone is detected as: “QHUSB_BULK”
Right click “QHUSB_BULK” then select “Update Driver”
Then Select “Choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software”
Then look for its location in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Qualcomm\Driver
If the “Xiaomi” Folder doesn’t exist, Install MiFlash first. The link is already there above.
If a notification appears, select “Install this Driver Software anyway”.
Wait until the Install Process is complete
If so, the driver will change to Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COMX).
The letter X is a number, it is different for each person. no need to hesitate.
Now, to the most important part. Namely the Flashing Process
Make sure you use Windows 64 bit huh?
Extract the ROM file that was downloaded earlier.
If the file has the extension “.tar” please change it to “.tgz”
The way to change it is easy, right-click ROM File > Rename > Delete “.tar”, and add “.TGZ”.
If it has the extension “.TGZ” then there is no need to rename it.
The contents of the extracted file will be like this (Ignore the folder name)
Open the Miflash beta application in “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Xiaomi \ MiPhone”
Click Browse > and select the Extract Rom result earlier.
What is selected is only up to the ROM folder.
Example: “C:\MIUI” instead of “C:\MIUI\Images”
If in case, when doing Flashing Error, Try flashing again but the selected folder reaches the “Images.
Press the “Refresh” Button
In the “Device” section, make sure it says “COMX”.
X is Number, it could be COM10, COM20, COM30. the most important “COM”
At the bottom, select
“Flash All” / Clear All > Data will be lost
Clear Exept Storage > Safe internal data (it should be like that, but Mimin tried it, the internal data still gets deleted)
If so, now press “Flash” on the top right
The process will take about 100 seconds to 700 seconds.
Average 300 -500 seconds
If there is “The Operation Completed Successfully” it means the flash process was successful.
Unplug the USB, and turn on the HP
Enjoy the new ROM ?
That’s the discussion this time that we can share about How to Flash Indonesian Global ROM on Redmi 4 Prime ?, I hope it’s useful and good luck.

By Cory