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How to Setting the Latest Anonytun Videomax Telkomsel Work – Anonytun is a VPN that is quite popular to use to change Telkomsel’s videomax quota.

But Anonytun is not the only VPN that can change videomax quotas, but there are several other VPNs such as KPN Tunnel Revolution, Tweakware, Stark VPN and many others.

But the reason why many use Anonytun is because it’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require an SSH (secure shell) account.

Therefore, for those of you who currently want to use Anonytun to change your videomax quota, we will provide the steps for setting Anonytun very clearly accompanied by pictures.

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1. Explanation of what is Anonytun
2. How to set Anonytun Videomax Telkomsel
3. How to Overcome Anonytun Cuts Flash Quota
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Explanation of What is Anonytun
Anonytun is a VPN that uses SSL technology for its connection method. Of course, this SSL connection is safer to maintain your privacy when surfing in cyberspace. Then SSL on Anonytun functions to set bug URLs from Telkomsel’s videomax quota.

What are Videomax BUG URLs? Well, maybe some people still don’t know what the videomax URL bug is. The videomax bug is a URL obtained from an application that can be accessed by the videomax quota. Like for example HOOQ or Viu. Then you can use a URL like or to enter into the Anonytun SSL settings.

Alright, after you understand about Anonytun and the videomax bug. So go ahead, see below how to set Anonytun for Videomax Telkomsel to become a flash quota.

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How to Setting Anonytun Videomax Telkomsel
1. First, please first download the Anonytun application via Google Play.

2. Then after the application is installed, you can immediately run it like a normal application. Then on the first page pay attention to the numbers in the header. This number is the IP address of your phone. By default the IP address will start with 10. Example: So please change it first by ON OFF airplane mode so that you get an IP starting with 100 as shown in the image below.

3. Then after getting IP 100 you select the Stealth Settings menu then set it as shown below:

Sealth Tunnel : ON / Active
Connection Protocol : SSL
Connection Port : 443
Advanced SSL settings : ON / Active
If confused, just follow as shown below.

4. Continue, now select the EDIT SSL SETTING button then follow the settings again as below.

True SSL (Anti DPI): tick
Spoof Host:Port : Check
Spoof Host: in this column, enter the videomax bug URL. The active bug URL is “” without the quotes
Spoof Port : 443
5. Once in the settings, now select the Save button to save the settings that were applied earlier. Then return to the start page select the Connect button.

Wait until Anonytun is connected, which is marked with TX RX on the main Anonytun page, already showing internet traffic.

After connecting, you can immediately open a browser and try to visit one of your favorite sites. Then check whether the videomax quota has been cut or not. If it has been cut, it means that now your videomax quota has become a flash quota. But if it still cuts the flash quota, here’s how to fix it.

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How to Overcome Anonytun Cut Flash Quota
Anonytun cutting the flash quota can occur for several reasons, such as the vdieomax bug URL that doesn’t support your TKP or IP 100 that doesn’t support it. Then the solution is to replace IP 100 with a new one. Do it again ON OFF airplane mode until you get a new IP 100. For the bug URL, you can try the URL below.
After that, please try again to access the internet until the videomax quota is really cut off.

That’s how to set Anonytun videomax Telkomsel tebrau which is still working in 2019. If you have questions, let’s discuss them in the comments column below this post. Good luck good luck.

By Cory