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The Best and Newest Proxy Telkomsel 2020 – Telkomsel is the largest telecommunications provider in Indonesia, providing 3G and 4G LTE Internet Network Services.

The network owned by PT. Telkomsel covers the entire territory of Indonesia, namely from Sabang to Merauke. Therefore it is appropriate, if PT. Telkomsel is referred to as the King of Network Services in Indonesia.

In 1993, Telkomsel was first established by PT. Telkom, based on Wireless GSM. Then in 1995, changing the name to PT. Telkomsel also launched the first Prime Card in Indonesia, namely the Halo Card.

PT. Telkomsel is the largest Network Operator in Indonesia, with 139.9 million Users, and is the 7th largest Network Operator in the World, with 100 million active Users.

The achievements that have been obtained by PT. This Telkomsel, namely the Title Award has 100,000 BTS and has succeeded in becoming the Leader of the Telecommunications Industry Market in Indonesia.

In an effort to guide the Development of the Cellular Telecommunications Network Industry in Indonesia, which is entering a New Era, namely Mobile Broadband Services.

Telkomsel consistently implements the 3G, HSDPA, HSPA+ Network Technology Road Map, and develops the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Network.

Until now Telkomsel has developed a Broadband Network in 100 Big Cities in Indonesia. To help service the needs of its customers, Telkomsel has issued a 24-hour Call Center Access and 430 Service Centers spread throughout Indonesia.

But even so, sometimes the Internet network owned by Telkomsel experiences slow response, in certain areas in Indonesia, such as in rural villages.

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1. What Is a Proxy?
2.Proxy function
3. List of the Best and Latest 2019 Oplosan Telkomsel Proxies
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What Is Meant By Proxies?
The Best and Latest 2019 Oplosan Telkomsel Proxy
Proxy is a Server Program that functions as a way to connect the Internet Network to a Computer, so that the Computer can access Internet Content contained in Google.

Without this Proxy or Server, the computers that we have will not be able to connect to the Internet and cannot access Internet content, such as Youtube, Online Games, Social Media, Music, Films, Articles, and others.

Proxy Function
As previously mentioned, without this Proxy or Server, the computers that we have will not be able to connect to the Internet, but the function of this Proxy is not only that, but also has various functions, which are as follows:

Opening IP Addresses or Websites that have been blocked by Kominfo or Internet Operators.
Hide IP Address when accessing the Internet on Google.
Blocking Websites that are not in accordance with the norm.
Filter and delete cookies that are not to your liking.
Improving User Privacy and Security, in accessing the Internet on Google Services.
List of the Best and Latest 2019 Oplosan Telkomsel Proxies
In order to get the Internet with maximum speed and stability, of course you need the best proxy. Therefore below, we recommend several Telkomsel Proxy Lists, which are as follows:

Register for Telkomsel Proxies 1 Register for Telkomsel Proxies 2 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 : 80 –
Notes :

The numbers listed above are a list of proxies that you can use to get free internet using the Telkomsel operator.
The number 80 that appears after the colon above, is the port that will be used or typed together with the port.

How to use Proxy in Browser?
1. Click on Menu – Select Options.
2. Look for Network Proxy Options, then click the Settings Button.
3. Then select Manual Proxy Configuration, then fill in the form provided (According to one of the Proxy Lists above).
4. Finally click Ok.

Why should you use a Proxy Server?
1. To increase the Data Transfer Speed.
2. To improve the Security and Privacy of Personal Data.

Thus the explanation regarding this article, hopefully it can be useful and become useful knowledge for all of us.

Other Tips & Tricks :

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MaxStream quota

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