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How to Change the Latest Telkomsel Videomax Quota – The purpose of the videomax quota is presented by Telkomsel so that users can save more on quota when watching movies through applications on Android and iOS phones.

As we all know, if we stream movies with a long duration using a regular flash quota, then a lot of the flash internet quota will be cut.

Of course very dear is not it? Therefore, Telkomsel prices the videomax quota more competitively so that users can save more when streaming movies.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for Telkomsel to bundle this videomax package by purchasing a monthly or weekly flash package.

And of course according to the price, this Telkomsel videomax package has limited access which can only be used to access several online movie streaming service applications. Among them are HOOQ, VIU, CatchPlay, Nickelodeon, Tribe and SuperSoccer TV.

So with this limitation, you cannot use the videomax quota freely like the regular flash quota. Therefore, many users who cannot spend their videomax quota want to convert it into a flash quota so that later it can be used to access all applications that require an internet connection.

There are several VPN applications that can be used to convert your videomax quota into a 24-hour flash quota, namely Aonytun, Tweakware and KPN Tunnel Revolution.

And the method for setting the three applications to change the videomax quota is the same. The most important thing is that you know the URL of the active videomax bug so that the videomax quota can be cut. Following is an explanation of the Telkomsel videomax URL bug.

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1. Understanding the Videomax Telkomsel BUG URL
2. How the VPN Application Works to Change Videomax Quota
3. How to Change Telkomsel’s Videomax Quota to Flash Quota
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Understanding the Videomax Telkomsel BUG URL
The Telkomsel BUG URL is a site address (URL) that is obtained from applications that can be accessed by the videomax quota. For example, the videomax quota can access the Tribe film service application.

Then the URL that can be used is according to the URL of the Tribe application site. However, the URL taken for the videomax bug is more narrow to its subdomains such as and other subdomains that you can check via Host Checker.

But of course you don’t need to bother looking for the videomax bug ULR yourself, we will provide a full review of how to change Telkomsel’s videomax quota complete with the latest active URL. Then what is the function of the VPN application above and how does it work?

How the VPN Application Works To Change Videomax Quota
The VPN application functions to create a custom HTTP header that is set with the URL and port of the videomax quota bug. Later you will enter the videomax bug URL in the host header section of the VPN application which will be redirected so that your videomax quota can be cut when you access the internet.

After you understand the application functions and the videomax quota bug url. So let’s see how to change the videomax quota to a 24-hour flash quota below.

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How to Change Telkomsel’s Videomax Quota to Flash Quota
1. First download the VPN application on Google Play, we will show you how to use the Anonytun application.

2. After the Anonytun application is installed on your cellphone, now open the application as usual. Then on the home page select the Stealth Settings menu. Then set as shown below.

Sealth Tunnel : ON
Connection Protocol : SSL
Connection Port : 443
Advanced Settings SSL : ON
Follow the Stealth Settings settings as we explained above.

3. Then continue, tap the EDIT SSL SETTING button to enter the URL for the videomax quota bug. Setting again like the admin description below.

Check : True SSL (Anti DPI)
Check : Spoof Host:Port
Spoof Host: this column functions to enter the videomax bug URL. Please enter the URL “” without quotes.
Spoof Host: must be the same as the port, namely 443.
4. If so, now SAVE to save the settings that have been set earlier then return to the front page.

5. Tap the CONNECT button to connect Anonytun to the VPN server.

Wait until Anonytun is connected then try to access the internet, then your videomax quota will be automatically deducted.

That’s an easy way to change Telkomsel’s videomax quota to the newest 24-hour flash quota that we can discuss. Hopefully you can easily understand each of the steps we explained above. If it’s still not clear, please discuss on the comments page in this post.

By Cory