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Crusaders of Light is an action role-playing game by publisher NetEase Games that I recently played. This is the English version of this game. Prior to this, this game was also known as Land of Glory, recently launched by NetEase in China. Over the years, immersive action games have always brought a special feeling to players, which few games can do. The PC version of the game has been very successful in the gaming market, can Crusaders of Light do the same?

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1. The Story of Crusaders Of Light
2. Three Character Classes
3. Gameplay Crusaders Of Light
4. Attractive Mode
5. Graphics
6. Download Crusaders Of Light Mod Apk Latest Version 2020
7. How to Install or Install the Crusaders Of Light Mod Apk Application
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Story of Crusaders Of Light
When starting a game, I usually talk about the story first. Chinese role playing game has a great storyline, increase your curiosity and make the game more interesting. The Crusaders of Light have a plot in European mythology. The story says, thanks to protection by the Wall of Sorrow, the kingdom lives in peace and happiness. However, after 700 years, The Desolation Wall’s magic had run out. The wall is destroyed. No need to wait long, the monsters have taken the opportunity to attack the kingdom. Humans are at risk of extinction. You are a soldier defending this kingdom. You and your allies are Humanity’s last hope

Three Character Classes
Since this is a role-playing game, you must first choose a character to start the game (of course). Crusaders of Light characters are divided into three basic classes: Warrior, Ranger and Mystic. In particular, with a variety of skill systems, each class has more sub-branches, giving you more options to suit your interests.

Talking about Warrior, you should definitely choose the two most important skills are Lava Quare and Searing Chains when you go Dungeon. Also, the two skills Tempest Rage and Ancestral Totem will bring more resistance. If you’ve mastered the game and want to do more damage to monsters, Deadly Forge and Meteor Crater aren’t bad choices.

Each skill provides different tactics and roles in each battle. You can explore the gameplay on your own, or you can learn from other players.

Gameplay Crusaders Of Light
Gameplay Crusaders Of Light
The game has the same gameplay as Animus – Stand Alone, however, it has more interaction between the players. The Crusaders of Light map is 12,960,000 square meters wide. Wow. It may take you years to discover all the vast world of this game. The open game world allows you to explore, move wherever you want. No limits.

The game has a system that helps the player find his way and fight automatically. However, the higher the level, the stronger the monsters you have to control yourself to be able to destroy them. Your skill is the most important thing in this game. Sometimes I have enough self-confidence, I can defeat monsters that are much higher level than me. Very good. Crusaders of Light’s control system is relatively simple. It’s easy to get acquainted but very hard to become a master. Want to play well, you have to spend a lot of time.

Attractive Mode
I was really impressed with the Crusaders of Light mode. In Arena Battle mode, you can choose from three types of 1vs1, 3v3 and 5vs5. It is a fierce battle among online players. You have to match your teammates to win.

If you play this game, Dungeon Mode is a mode that you can’t ignore. Many Bosses are waiting for you to die. Not only that, there are 40 other players who become your teammates. Conquering the strongest monsters, all players receive a lot of high-value equipment and items.

Moreover, you can challenge your survival in the Battle Royale mode. Don’t care what you do. The last person to survive is the winner.

As promised by NetEase, Crusaders of Light’s graphics are not inferior to the PC version. 3D graphics are very sharp, clear. The details are carefully guarded. You can hardly find fault. The game allows you to change the view far away, to help you enjoy the game perfectly. After playing, I feel that low quality and high quality graphics are not much different. If your device is low-end, you will have to upgrade

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