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How to Check Xiaomi Camera Sensors Without Root and the Easiest – One of the vendors that offers cheap smartphones but with innards and wow features is the Xiaomi smartphone, this comparison is aimed at the same price range.

Check Xiaomi Camera Sensors
One of the interesting things about Xiaomi is the camera sector which we think is good because it uses a sensor from Sony. But keep in mind that in reality not all Xiaomi phones carry Sony sensors.

Even though they are of the same brand and series. An example is the Xiaomi Mi4 series, although both Mi4 series actually use a Sony Senosr using a Samsung sensor.

Some people like it when their camera sensors use Sony’s sensors rather than Samsung’s, because even in good lighting conditions the two are pretty much the same.

But in our personal opinion, the Sony sensor is superior in terms of producing colors, especially at night. What I like most about the Sony sensor also supports long exposure, while the Samsung sensor does not.

Then how do we know whether our device uses a Sony or Samsung sensor? the method is quite easy, and this method does not require root access. Check out the full review below.

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1. How to Check Xiaomi Camera Sensors Without Root
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How to Check Xiaomi Camera Sensors Without Root
Enter Phone Settings.
Then recover About Phone/My Device.
After that, please click several times on the Kernel Version line to enter the next menu.
Then you will enter the CIT menu.
On the menu select the number 1.Version Information
After that, some information about your cellphone will appear. Scroll down until you find information about your front and rear camera sensor codes.
So, after knowing the code, match the information below:
S5K (Sensor made by Samsung)
IMX (Sensor made by Sony)
OV (Omnivision built sensor)
Well, how? now you know your camera sensor right? then what sensor do you get, is it Sony, Samsung, or even Omnivision?

Each sensor has its own advantages and disadvantages, if you don’t feel comfortable with your cellphone camera shots, now there are lots of cool editing applications.

So, that’s the easiest way to check Xiaomi camera sensors without root. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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