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Hello friends, TutorialXiaomi readers, here we will share a post about How to Transfer File Data from Android to Computer/Laptop without a USB cable (using WiFi).

How to Transfer Data Files From Android to Computer / Laptop Easily
Where this tutorial is so important to help us move or send files or data from Android to computer/PC/Laptop or vice versa.

Indeed, there is an application in the playstore, namely SHAREit, which is more practical, but the performance of this tutorial is also easier and without the slightest data/internet connection fee, because it only requires a WiFi connection.

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1. How to Transfer Data Files
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How to Transfer Data Files
Transferring data such as copy, paste, cut, delete on your Android turns out to be possible through a PC without using a cable, but using WiFi. These tips use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), suitable for those whose USB cable is damaged or are lazy to pick up the USB cable because it is far away.

Basic explanation for FTP (File Transfer Protocol): so we are like making a connection between several devices connected to the same WiFi. The device in question right now is a cellphone and a PC, so you can manage data on your cellphone via a PC.

The advantage of these tips is that you can copy and paste data from PC to cellphone, and vice versa. You can also delete files on your cellphone via a PC. The speed of copying data doesn’t use the internet, it’s just like moving movies from a flash drive.
The downside is that you need a WiFi connection to create an FTP, you can’t connect internally and SDCARD at the same time (you have to choose one, just see the steps) and lastly only devices that are connected to the WiFi can access FTP.
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WiFi connection (can’t use Hotspot from the cellphone in question, yes, you have to have WiFi like a speedy modem, indihome, or you can also use Hotspot from another cellphone)
Connect the WiFi to the PC and cellphone that you want to connect
Default App Explorer on HP

1. Connect WiFi to the PC and cellphone that you want to connect.
2. Open App Explorer on the cellphone
3. Look for the icon or writing FTP
4. Select Start server
5. Select the storage that you want to use as FTP (which you want to display on the PC), for example, select the SD card. after that an ftp address will appear in the orange box

Now on to your PC
6. Open Windows Explorer (see image below)

7. Write the ftp address (example which is in the orange box on the cellphone) here >>> see picture >>>

8. Wait for loading and then the HP SD card will be displayed. Now I can copy and paste, delete cut data 🙂
9. When it’s finished, you can stop the server on the cellphone.
You can also open the ftp >> via a browser. But if we use the browser, all we can do is download the file from the cellphone. It looks like this >>> see picture >>>

So this post is about How to Transfer File Data from Android to Computer/Laptop without a USB cable (using WiFi), hopefully it can help your smartphone needs to support your performance as well. Hope this article helps, thank you.

By Cory