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How to Fix Screen Bleeding on the Xiaomi POCOPhone HP – Your Xiaomi smartphone is experiencing a kind of white light appearing on the edge of the screen and only appearing when using a black or dark background?

How to Fix Screen Bleeding on Xiaomi POCOPhone HP
You’ve tried fixing it in all kinds of ways but the result is still white? It’s called Screen Bleeding.

So, on this occasion, we will discuss what Screen Bleeding is, and how to fix it.

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1. What is Screen Bleeding?
2. How to Fix Screen Bleeding on Xiaomi HP
3. How to Check Screen Bleeding on an Android HP Screen
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3.2. Second Way
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What is Screen Bleeding?
Bleeding if interpreted is bloody, but Bleeding on the Smartphone LCD Screen does not mean that. Bleeding on Smartphone LCD Display Screens means the appearance of a kind of glow from the LCD backlight which is usually at the edges of the screen.

This happens because screens or smartphone screens currently still use a lot of IPS LCD panels which still require a white backlight or backlight.

For example, most Xiaomi Smartphones still use LCD panels like this one. As a result Bleeding on the LCD can not be avoided.

Indeed, there are already display technologies that don’t need a backlight like OLED panels. But panels like this exist in flagship class Smartphones like MIX. Now if your Xiaomi Smartphone screen has Bleeding, can it still be repaired?

How to Fix Screen Bleeding on Xiaomi HP
A common fix on regular LCD monitors is to massage the Bleeding area with moderate or firm pressure. This can move the screen enough to reduce bleeding.

But we are not sure if it will work on glass surface devices like IPS panels but it might be worth a try. Also try massaging with pressure “behind” the phone, not just the front glass.

Xiaomi POCOPhones experience Screen Bleeding quite often, and some owners report that a slight twisting massage, or gently bending the device from corner to corner can put the screen back in the right position and reduce the Bleeding.

Remember you have to be extra careful with this one method, or else your phone could break. But again, it may be worth trying to apply twisting pressure.

Or so that it’s not too risky, one of the ways you can do to disguise a Bleeding affected LCD screen is to use a bright or bright theme or wallpaper.

Because Bleeding on the LCD will usually appear on a black or dark background. In addition, you can also replace the new LCD screen.

Especially for you Xiaomi users who have an official guarantee, you can be a little relieved because you can claim the damage and surely Xiaomi will fix it or replace it with a new LCD screen.

After the warranty claim, make sure you check again, whether there is still Bleeding or not. How to check Bleeding on the LCD? here’s how.

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How to Check Screen Bleeding on an Android HP Screen
Initially, the bleeding screen is not very visible, only keen eyes can see it. However, if left over time, it might enlarge and interfere with comfort when looking at the cellphone screen.

So, to check Screen Bleeding, there are three ways you can try:

First step
Open an image that is solid black or white. Then set the brightness to the brightest (maximum) level. Then it will be clear if your screen has a problem.

Second Way
The second way is using a secret code to check if there is any damage to our mobile screen. You do this by typing ####1111# or *#*#0*#*#* then select Test Item.

Third Way
The last way is to download the application on the Playstore. One application that we recommend is Screen Test from Amberfog.

That’s How to Fix Screen Bleeding on Xiaomi HP (POCOPhone, Redmi & Mi). Hope it is useful.

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