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How to Install TWRP on Mi Max and Mi Max Prime Complete HP – This time we will share a tutorial for you Mi Max and Mi Max Prime users who want to install TWRP so you can root or install custom ROMs.

How to Install TWRP on Mi Max and Mi Max Prime Complete Guide
By default, all Android devices come with a standard recovery or what is commonly called stock recovery. But unfortunately, this stock recovery has a very limited main function.

Namely to delete user data and also to manually provide system updates with verified update packages.

So those users who want to root their devices or install custom ROMs cannot use this stock recovery, that’s why they have to install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP.

But what we will discuss this time is TWRP. TWRP stands for Team Win Recovery Project. As mentioned earlier, TWRP is an alternative recovery specifically for Android device users which is open source.

Unlike a stock recovery, a custom recovery is developed by a third party offering more complete capabilities.

Not only limited to deleting data and updating the system, custom recoveries are usually programmed to have system backup and restore functions, and install system update packages from third parties.

So, how to install this TWRP custom recovery on Android devices, especially for Mi Max and Mi Max Prime? Check out the full review below.

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1. How to Install TWRP on Mi Max / Prime HP
1.1. Ingredients :
1.2. Install steps:
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How to Install TWRP on Mi Max / Prime HP
Ingredients :
Unlock Bootloader.
Windows PC or laptop
Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot
Download TWRP Flasher Toolkit
USB cable
Install steps:
Download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
Enable USB Debugging on the phone.
After that, connect the cellphone to the PC using a USB cable.
Extract Flasher Tool Kit Mi Max that you have downloaded.
Then, open the Extract Flasher Toolkit results folder.
Right click on FLASHER TOOLKIT MIMAX.bat > and Run As Administrator.
Then it will appear as shown below > Press Enter.
Then a menu will appear, press 1 on the keyboard then enter.
Then it will appear like this. Press Enter again.
Next, the TWRP Installation process will begin.
When it’s finished, turn off the cellphone and try to enter TWRP by pressing and holding Volume Up + power.
If the installation is successful, TWRP will appear.
To return or turn on the cellphone, please press Reboot> System.
So, that’s the tutorial on How to Install TWRP on Mi Max and Mi Max Prime Completely. Pay attention to the steps in detail, so there are no mistakes. Hope it is useful.

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