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MIUI Theme Designer Xiaomi – What is MIUI Theme Designer for? MIUI Theme Designer is an account for Xiaomi Theme Designers. If we like to make Themes, we can upload them there.

Another function of MIUI is that we are free to use themes and fonts that come from third parties.

How to Register Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Designer Easily and Quickly
The point is, we can use Themes, fonts that we download from Google.

If it is not registered, when we try to Apply a theme or font from a third party, an error will appear: auth rejected 402.

So, wonder why you can’t use themes or fonts downloaded from third parties. Here’s the answer.

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1. Tutorial on how to register Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Designer
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Tutorial on how to register Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Designer
What are the interesting things after we are registered with the MIUI Theme Designer?

Changing Fonts Without Root
Using Themes from Third Parties without root
Uploading custom themes without root
Can change Grid on HomeScreen without root
The requirements for being able to change fonts or use themes from third parties are:

Have a Xiaomi Account or Mi Account.
The same Xiaomi account, must be registered as MIUI Theme Designer.
Have a Xiaomi device
How to register is as follows:

Enter the following link
Click the “Login Now” Button
Login using the same Xiaomi account as the xiaomi account on the cellphone
Then, choose “Individual Designer”.
Please fill in personal data
Designer Name : Nickname without spaces, and must be different from other people’s nicks.
Real Name : Real Name
Mobile Number: Active cellphone number
Personal Photo : Must be the original Photo Selfie. Original Photo Required
If asked to fill in “Bank”, please ignore it, and check “Register”
Then press Accept Agreement and Register
If you have finished registering, please wait for an email reply from Xiaomi.

Usually it will take between 2 – 5 days. However, some people only need 1 day, and there are also those who have not received an email response from Xiaomi for 1 week. So make sure the data is filled in correctly, and use original photos.

If you have received an email reply from Xiaomi, now you can change the font or use a theme from a third party. Auth error 402 will no longer appear.

That’s the discussion this time that we can share about How to Register Xiaomi’s MIUI Theme Designer, hopefully this is useful.

By Cory